Review of “Foreigner” by Lyrica Arden

I wrote a detailed review of this book and then WordPress deleted it, so this is going to be short and (not) so sweet.

The author isn’t a native English speaker and it shows. She didn’t copyedit very well and there are a lot of punctuation/grammatical/cut-and-paste errors, especially after the midpoint.

I thought it would be a thoughtful examination of how “beautiful” people think and why they do what they do. Instead, it was a cop-out: girl meets boy of her dreams, again and again and again…you get it. Some drama is thrown in as if following a Creative Writing 101 outline, but it didn’t stick.

It’s cheesy, incomplete, repetitive, cliche, and just not very interesting.

I won’t be reading the second and third books in the series, to discover what the beautiful and gorgeous couple will do next.


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