Reading Monkeys

This is the first post on the Reading Monkeys blog. I’m going to discuss topics related to the books I’m working on and those I’ve already published. First things first: here are descriptions of the books I’ve already published.

Aida. A story of what might be happening right now with respect to the creation of artificial intelligence, and how it might respond to the world it finds itself in.

A Change of Pace. An eccentric author moves to West Hollywood to write his memoir and discovers that life doesn’t end at sixty-five.

Night Shift. A young family deals with their private demons as they uncover a plot to destroy the World Trade Center.

The Unveiled Series:

Awakening of the Gods. This first entry in the series reveals that Homo sapiens are not alone on Earth.

Servants of the Gods. In this prequel, set forty-seven-thousand years in the past, Homo sapiens become members of an empire.

Exiles of the Gods. The third book in the series has an unlikely hero falling in love and defending Humanity against destruction.

War with the Gods. The last book in the series unveils the enormity of the task facing Humanity if we are to survive.

All titles available as eBooks or paperbacks on Amazon.

2 responses to “Reading Monkeys”

  1. Tricia Diaz says :

    I truly look forward to reading ALL of your books! I have a copy of Servants of the Gods I’m taking with me to Mexico! I look forward to seeing more posts in your blog!

  2. timothyrkeen says :

    I’ve started on the next book now, Tricia. The topic is disillusionment and I think it’s going to be a collection of short stories about people who graduated high school in 1974…

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